Live DSP instrument in Max/MSP. Flexible, programmable, powerfull

NavNav Libraries

A collection of Max/MSP objects that work well together to create software for responsive environments, performances, new musical interfaces, spatialization, and etc. Each patch has an approachable GUI and is accompanied with a help patch to demonstrate its use. Included are advanced tools for sound spatialization and room effect synthesis, various audio FX and synthesis engines, tools for audio feature extraction, gestural analysis etc.

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Software tools for Ambisonic spatialization of sound. Ambisonic recording, processing, calibration and synthesis

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Jamoma Modular

These are a series of modules that have been ported to the jamoma platform. They can be found under Jamoma's user library under the NavNav folder. They can also be downloaded directly here from github.


a multichannel granulator with 1-32 outputs. Input could be either a live signal or a soundfile.